Each coming from his own particular musical background, joined together by a passion for music,
especially the interplay of music and image which adds such a distinctive dimension to film, La Troïka's three members work equally well as individuals or as a team.
The most cursory listen to the MP3 library reveals the distinct style of each. Listen, then decide which composer,
or composition of composers best expresses your personal vision.

En savoir plus sur Tanguy Follio

En savoir plus sur Bernhard Elsner

En savoir plus sur Alexandre Mabeix


Tanguy Follio issues from Brittany, a region shrouded since the dawn of time in the mists of myth and legend. Very early on, he exhibited a fascination with nature and so-called "descriptive music".

His father, himself musician, led him to study harmony and encouraged his growing interest in orchestration. This in turn led him to begin working with fresh young directors on a series of short films until his talent caught the eye of professional filmakers.

Between film and television compositions, Tanguy finds time to compose for CD-Roms, theater, and sound & light shows.

Musical influences:
Alan Silvestri
Danny Elfman
Yann Tiersen

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Trained in Munich for the violin and composition, Bernhard Elsner moved to Nice (France) in 1991 with the goal of achieving his studies in mathematics. In 1998 he came to Paris, PhD diploma in one hand, a sheath of scribbled compositions in the other - and suddenly found himself working as assistant and co-creator of works as diverse as dramatic shorts and scientific documentaries for national television, culminating in his work for the bigger screen: the Imax underwater movie "Origins of Life".

Back on dry land, his new appreciation for cinema encouraged him to pursue a new career, that of film composer. Within months he had composed the music for several internationally televised documentaries, including
"When the World Spoke Arabic" (12 x 26', FIT Production/France5), "Byzantine Complexity" (85', Atta Productions/Arte) and "Michel Foucault by himself" (65', BFC Productions/Arte).

The journey from precocious mathematician to versatile film composer is one rarely travelled and not one for the faint of heart - and Elsner wears his on his sleeve; calling on such diverse sources as minimalism and contemporary and classical music to create original soundtracks that somehow adapt themselves in often surprising (and always innovative) ways to a wide variety of films.

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Born in the depths of the Black Forest, Alexandre took a different path form his schoolmates, preferring to become a composer rather than a lumberjack.

From his student days the music school of Freiburg in Germany to graduate of the International Music Academy of Nancy, his musical interests culminated in winning the First Prize in Musical Composition at Berlin's "Digital Media Open '97".

Today finds Alexandre in Paris, composing for audiovisual productions,
(Arté, Escales and the French national television channels)
Radio (RFI)
and multimedia :
(MVeurope, Virtu Ailes Interactive, Silicon Dynamix)

His composition, "Flying Over Dreams" is published by the Editions Robert Martin and has been interpreted by various brass bands.

He has since composed
"Symphonie pour Royan"
for the fireworks spectacular that took place on the 15th of August, 2003.

He enjoys committing himself to projects which call for musical illustration, no matter what style of music is called for.

Do not be frightened by his terrifying heavy-metal appearance, as he only did it to participate in a heavy-rock band, and has not been known to attack people for several years ;-)

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